Common Bluebottle Graphium sarpedon luctatius


    1. sylvia

      Thanks Marshall. I really love the Bluebottles. But they are not easy to photograph. They are only still if they are puddling…and yes, I still have some of that red mud on my boots! I slogged around in it chasing this guy and a few others from a similar species.

    1. sylvia

      Nick…the Bluebottles are fantastic! You would love them. But they are very difficult to photograph…typical Papilionidae…always flying about and when they do land, they just flit. The best shots are when they puddle, but even then, they are constantly turning this way and that…require a lot of patience and anticipating their next move. But you should see the upperside! Black and bright teal. Just stunning gorgeous. I do hope to get a good shot of that someday. I added links to 3 other subspecies (see post) if you are interested.

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