Indian Cabbage White Pieris canidia indica

Indian Cabbage White (Pieris canidia)Location: Maolin, Taiwan

See P. c. Indica in Thailand.

See P. c. Indica in China.


  1. Mika Schafroth

    After seeing all these tropical species on your blog it’s fun coming across some that are closely related to butterflies living around me in the Scandinavian fauna. Great stuff, keep on posting :)

    1. aivlys

      Thanks Mika! I have been surprised at how many of the Asian butterflies are quite similar to European species. I would be fascinated to see what species are in your area!

  2. Mika Schafroth

    Amazing to see how many species you’ve already tracked down in your blog. What’s really cool is that you catch all these tropical beauties out in the free nature, not just a butterfly house. Let’s see what I can spot in northern Europe this year, really looking forward to spending time out in the greenery.

    1. aivlys

      I too am looking forward to spending time out chasing around seeing what’s out and about. And also, seeing what you will find. I’m especially interested to follow along as you search for caterpillars. I’m horrible at finding them, and hope to learn some tips from you!

      Living in Asia, the tropical butterflies are just what is outside. It’s wonderful. When we were in Taiwan last month, I saw so many Paper Kites, that I didn’t even bother to chase them after the first 4 or 5 days. I could stand still and count 30 or 40 in my immediate vicinity. But I still don’t take it for granted. I realize exactly what a wonderful blessing it is. Mainly because at the moment, we live in a city of 16 million, that is highly polluted. I find butterflies here, but not nearly as many. We will move this summer to a place that will be much better! I’m looking forward to having more nature in my life again.

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