Common Evening Brown Melanitis leda leda

Common Evening Brown (Melanitis leda leda)

Location: Maolin, Taiwan
See M. l. leda in Thailand.


  1. Nick Morgan

    Great to see the Common nephew!! I saw mine in Mauritius. Although there are only about 35 species there, being in the middle of the Indian Ocean, they are split between African and Asian species. I had seen what I thought were large moths flying in the evening, but one night found a Common Evening Brown roosting outside our hotel room. The subspecies there is helena, I believe that there are also wet and dry season forms, which differ by the size of the eye spots. My picture was taken with a flash, so looks a lot lighter than yours.

    1. aivlys

      The Creepy Old Uncle was like what you described…in the evening and bad light! I had a terrible time chasing him. But the Nephew was just on the trail in the middle of the afternoon. It was quite thickly forested however, and still dark. But he was so still I didn’t need flash. I’m going to look up Mauritius on my break today, and see where you went and what you found on your blog!

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