Dark Blue Tiger Tirumala septentrionis

Dark Blue Tiger (Tirumala septentrionis)

Dark Blue Tiger (Tirumala septentrionis)

Location: Kending, Taiwan

See T. s. septentrionis in China.


  1. Mika Schafroth

    It’s amazing how many species you’ve caught on your photos. Those with a dotted body are true beauties, something I could never find nearby :) I’m hoping for sunshine over Eastern to finally get some sightings myself, fingers crossed ;)

  2. Nick Morgan

    Wow, I love that, with the blue markings! I was thinking how difficult it must be to separate these species in the field. Presumably you have to rely on taking a picture and then comparing with your field guides. This one looks a little easier, but given the natural variability of many species I am sure the previous two species must be tricky to identify.

    1. Sylvia

      There are tons of species I have trouble IDing in the field, but these guys aren’t that difficult for me. Several factors. One, there were just so dang many of them, and so I got a lot of practice. Two, they tend to nectar for a lot longer time than many. They just kinda camp out on a flower for several minutes. So you can get some really good shots, and get a good look too. And third, I think I just was better prepared, and had done my homework, and so I knew the identifying marks, and honed in on those quickly. And also, I’ve been chasing the same or similar species in Thailand and China, for 4 seasons now, so they are just more familiar.

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