Large 4-Lineblue Nacaduba pactolus hainani

Nacaduba pactolus hainani

Location: Maolin, Taiwan


  1. Nick Morgan

    Sylvia, you are impressing me again with your ID skills. I can’t see any difference between this and the Dark Cerulean!! I saw an African Line Blue when I was in Mauritius. A beautiful-looking butterfly, quite similar-looking to these, but there is nothing else to confuse it with there!

  2. Sylvia

    Nick, I can understand your confusion. But the simple answer is, I have a really, really horrible shot of the upper side of this guy, which gave me the ID…but it’s just too bad a shot to post. And I know I sometimes post some really bad quality shots, if that is all I have. But this one is just too bad for even me to use :). But it’s obvious from that horrible shot what this guy is. The uppersides are quite different. Actually, if there is one that is wrong, it is most likely in the other bunch with the Dark Ceruleans. There is one in there that has a tail that I feel might just be a tad too long, but I don’t have an upperside shot for him, and I’m not totally sure.

    Also I have four books for Taiwan butterflies, three for China and one whopper for Thailand. Many species are found pretty much throughout Asia, so I just have an awful lot of resources for those to help me ID. One book in particular is the most helpful: The Butterflies of Siraya National Scenic Area. It is the best at pointing out the identifyers. I do rely on my field notes a lot too – what I observed, if I saw something that I was unable to photograph, etc. Sometimes there is something in my notes that is key to IDing.

    But having said all that, I’m sure I still get things wrong. I spend an inordinate amount of time on IDing, and I have files full of shots that I just don’t feel confident enough to make a positive ID, so I wait and hope that some resource will come my way that will help. I just do the best I can. I’m becoming more and more familiar with Asian butterflies, and that helps. But I’m no expert by any means. And sometimes, I go back through old photos and discover I’ve made an error, and then correct it on here. And I welcome corrections!

    I have thought that perhaps I should add notes to the blog, but I just never have. I keep them in little moleskin notebooks, and also make notes in my Guide books. Perhaps if I had started keeping them on here from the beginning it would have been much better. Now, it just feels like to big a task to try to go back and add.

  3. Nick Morgan

    It must be great spending some time in an area and getting to know the different species of butterflies. I am still not sure of the butterflies I saw in St Lucia!! It frustrates me when I can’t ID a butterfly! You can’t beat a good butterfly book. I have tried to use the internet to help with ID in the past, but there is so much wrong information out there it sometimes doesn’t help!

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