Palm Dart Telicota ohara formosana

Dark Palm Dart – Telicota ohara formosana

Location: Kending, Taiwan


    1. Sylvia

      Identifying butterflies is quite hard work truthfully. Short answer, I have a lot of butterfly field guides and books. And I’m always buying more :). But it gets easier the more you do it.

    1. Sylvia

      Wow. Interesting. I actually get a bit excited about skippers here in China, because I don’t find them often. In Texas they are a dime a dozen. Especially on the Roadways. Today was supposed to be the beginning of summer break for me, but because of your move and transferring our Visa, I have to start summer classes today. No break for this gal this year. Gonna be the longest semester ever! I’m mostly sad about what that will do to my butterflying and visiting blogs! But I’ll be by to catch up with you soon. Hope I see that skipper on your blog!

  1. nick Morgan

    Hopefully have news about the skipper on my blog soon. We are on holiday in Spain just now so a lot to catch up with when I get back. I understand your frustration about no having a chance to look for butterflies. However tomorrow I am hoping to go to the Sierra Nevada to look for them here!

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