Common Grass Yellow Eurema hecabe

Common Grass Yellow (Eurema hecabe)Location: Kending, Taiwan

See E. h. hecabe in Thailand


  1. Mojca

    This is such a beautiful butterfly! I love yellow butterflies, but as you mentioned in your comment, they are really so flighty!! well, chasing is a part of this job ;)

    1. Sylvia

      True. It is part of the job :). But some are definitely more rewarding and more fun to chase than others. Although that doesn’t stop me from chasing everything I come across!

  2. Nick Morgan

    Wow, Eurema! My favourite genus. As you say, they seem to be such cheerful little things. I have only seen them twice and we have nothing like them here in Europe. I hope I go somewhere where I can see them again one day.

    1. Sylvia

      I know the blues are your favorite overall…but surprised to hear Eurema is your favorite genus. We had several in Texas, and I always loved them. But there are so, so many in Asia. There are so many subspecies, and it’s always a challenge to ID, but I got a new book on Taiwan butterflies this year, that is the very best for IDing! It’s just awesome. It has made this so much better. (probably doesn’t hurt that my Chinese is improving, and so I can actually read more). But I’m surprised you don’t have them in Europe! How was your vacation? Did you have good butterflying? And more importantly, a great time relaxing with your family?

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