Mandarin Grass Yellow Eurema mandarina

Mandarin Grass Yellow (Eurema mandarina)

Mandarin Grass Yellow (Eurema mandarina)

Location: Kending, Taiwan


      1. sidilbradipo1

        Ciao Sylvia! Good Morning!
        In this big ugly city there are only flies and mosquitoes. And blackbirds singing on my hibiscus in search of my cat’s dry food :)
        Have lots of wonderful butterflies photos!

  1. Nick Morgan

    Another lovely Eurema!! i think the fact that we don’t have them here makes them extra special for me. I saw three species un St Lucia and one in Mauritius – both special holidays. I guess I will have to get to somewhere in SE Asia to see them one day. I am hoping that a long-term plan could be for a trip to Malaysia on the pretence of seeing orangutan, which my wife would love. Me too, but we know the butterflies would be great!!!
    Brilliant holiday thanks. I guess I am approaching 45 species between here, Sierra Nevada and Gibraltar. It has also been very relaxing, even with two teenage kids!!

    1. Sylvia

      A trip to Malaysia would be great! It’s on my short list for our January holiday this year. So glad you had a good vacation! Can’t wait to see all the species you got!

  2. Nick Morgan

    Just ordered a fantastic book about the butterflies of the Sierra Nevada. It really should help with the identification of the blues that all look so similar. All of those I saw are so similar-looking, but I think are probably five different species. There are 36 different blues occurring in the SN and I didn’t see any of the obvious ones!! Only one more full day of holiday left so it is good to have the book to look forward to!

    1. Sylvia

      Oh, I’m sad to hear the holiday is coming to an end. I’m just starting to think about our January holiday, probably because I just finished IDing all the butterflies from our last one in Bali :). What book did you order? Wow…that’s a lot of blues. That would be wonderful. Can’t wait to see and hear what all you got! Have a wonderful last day and safe travels home!

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