Cunfucian Dart or Chinese Dart Potanthus cunfucius angustatus

Chinese Dart or Confucian Dart (Potanthus confucius angustatus)

Location: Maolin, Taiwan


    1. Sylvia

      They are cute. I need to look at your butterfly blog again! For some reason, I’m not getting your new posts in my reader. I am following, but nothing new comes in, but later I look and you’ve posted new stuff! Do you have any skippers up yet? I’d love to see what ones you have.

      1. Mojca

        These notifiers are funny sometimes…I try to update as much as I can…I have some skippers…I thought it’s only one in my garden, but I realised that there are at least 3 different species which look almost the same :) I have to find their real names first…

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