Pale Grass Blue Zizeeria maha okinawana

Pale Grass Blue (Zizeeria maha okinawana)

Pale Grass Blue (Zizeeria maha okinawana)

Pale Grass Blue (Zizeeria maha okinawana)

Location: Maolin, Taiwan

See Z. maha in China.

See Z. m. maha in Thailand.


    1. Sylvia

      Thank you Eden. I’m always happy when I get a lovely shot and not just a capture or record shot. But it’s easier with some speicies. I think the Blues are one of my favorites in that regard.

  1. Nick Morgan

    Hi Sylvia,
    Another Zizeera cousin!
    Yes, thank you, I did manage to find Zizeera knysna down by the river close to where we were staying. It wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t found it! I always like to find it in southern Spain.
    I have been making a lot of use of Google Translate with my Sierra Nevada book. It has been really useful, but I still have one or two pictures I am not 100% about yet!
    My favourite European book is Collins Butterfly Guide by Tolman with lovely illustrations by Richard Lewington. You should be able to see some of it on Google Books.
    The most treasured book I have is David Spencer Smith’s Butterflies of the West Indies and South Florida. It is also illustrated by Richard Lewington and I borrowed it from Cambridge University Library (the only place it was available in the UK) before our trip to St Lucia. Last year, for my 50th birthday, I treated myself to a mint condition used copy of this using money from work colleagues. Sent over from the USA, I will never spend that much on a book again in my life!!

    1. Sylvia

      Oh, my! I just looked at the Smith’s on Amazon. I can see why you say you will never spend that much again! But it looks fascinating. Oh wow! I just looked on Barnes and Noble and they have the Collins for $20. On Amazon it was $141. I think it’s going into my wish list for my next care package from the US. But they both look awesome! Glad you found your knysna!

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