Cruiser Vindula erota gedeana

Cruiser (Vindula erota gedeana)

Cruiser (Vindula erota gedeana)

Cruiser (Vindula erota gedeana)

Location: Bali, Indonesia


    1. Sylvia

      Sid, I am happy to report that my language study is going extremely well…my blogs suffer as a consequence. I really miss blogging! But that is partly because of the internet. But I really hope to get more posts up soon!

    1. Sylvia

      It is truly thrilling, isn’t it! I just this week, decided that I will forgo the thrill for our winter vacation this year. Normally we head somewhere warm to escape China’s cold, dreary winters, and as a consequence I get to chase a lot of butterfies. But I decided this year, we should go a different direction and reward my patient husband for all the time he waits on me shooting butterflies. We are heading somewhere high and cold! But I’m actually quite excited about it! This blog will suffer, but my personal blog will gain!

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