Psyche Leptosia nina chlorographa


    1. Sylvia

      Hello Sid! I’m back :). We are on break at the moment, and back from our travels and surprisingly, the internet is working even though the GFW has been taking down VPNs and denying access to WP recently. But fingers crossed, I’ll be able to post regularly. How were your holidays?

      1. sidilbradipo1

        Good morning Sylvia!
        Haapy to read you again. I was a little bit worried through these silent months. Happy too you are at home :)
        Internet is a strange creature: it works alone without human interactions. Sometimes I believe it is an alien entity :-D
        My holydays were OK. I hope yours too!
        Waiting for your photos again.

  1. Nick Morgan

    Great to see you back, Sylvia. I am needing an injection of butterflies to see me through the winter! I still have a few pictures to post, too, but I am also struggling for time. What colour is the upper side of the Psyche? I had an idea that it was quite bright, but I could be confusing it with another butterfly!

    1. Sylvia

      They are just plain white, with one small dark spot. But they never, ever are open except in flight. And they are so small! I can’t believe how long it took me to get done with the Bali butterflies. But they will all be posted this month. On to the China ones. It really does take a lot of time! I’m looking forward to seeing more of yours Nick! Hopefully before Spring arrives and we can both finish last seasons in time for the new season :).

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