One Spot Grass Yellow Eurema andersoni udana

One Spot Grass Yellow (Eurema andersoni udana)

One Spot Grass Yellow (Eurema andersoni udana)

Location: Bali, Indonesia

See E. a. godana in Taiwan.

See E. a. andersoni in Thailand.


      1. sidilbradipo1

        Hi Sylvia!
        Yes. My dining room has two chinese-red walls and the other two pale yellow. And creme-yellow are also the three-stock stairways of my house. Yellow is a bright colour and a compromise to white on the stairs which get dirty in a while! I love white. I would like to live in a absolute white house, in and out. But this colour is too delicate.

        1. Sylvia

          Oooh….white house inside and out sounds lovely! It needs lots of sunlight and a breeze to blow the curtains in the open windows…I can just see it! Never work in China though.

  1. Texanita (Texie) Cole Royal

    You got his wings open. If these are anything like the Dog Face it’s hard to get shots with wings open because they are so fast.

    1. Sylvia

      Actually, I got it by accident. He just happened to fly as I was taking a shot and so this is what I got. But I’m so happy to have a shot of the wings open since I never really see it with the naked eye.

    1. Sylvia

      Nick, we only have a handful of species in North America, so I really like them as well. They are very cheerful, even in their flight pattern and behavior. Here in Asia there are just so, so many species of them!

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