Great Mormon Papilio memnon memnon

Great Mormon (Papilio memnon)

Great Mormon (Papilio memnon)

Location: Bali, Indonesia

See P. m. heronus in China.

See P. m. heronus in Taiwan.

See P. m. agenor in Thailand.


  1. sidilbradipo1

    Hi Sylvia!
    Another large butterfly, socalled swallowtail butterfly <3
    Very interesting is the name Memnon. In Greek mythology he was an Ethiopian king and son of Tithonus and Eos. A warrior who defended the city of Troy and was killed by Achille. After his death, Zeus – moved by the tears of his mother Eos – granted him immortality.
    The black colour is wonderful :-D

    1. Sylvia

      Great question! A few, but not many. The most prominent are found way down in South Texas…the Crimson Patch and Red Rim. There is also the Red Spotted Admiral. Some of the Swallowtails have red spots as well. But in your neck of the woods, there are only a few, and not so flashy: Black Swallowtail, the Dusky Blue Groundstreak, and then the American Lady, Painted Lady and Red Admiral all have red swaths. That’s All I can think of at them moment.

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